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Les Quatre Pattes à l'école ; education, benevolence and friendliness !


As you know, Pets Directory is dedicated to introducing you to the companies that are part of the directory.

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to "Les Quatre Pattes à l'école", with Marc-André Frangiosa.

The birth of the project

His project was born over 4 years ago. His intention to help people better understand their dogs goes back to the day he met his golden retriever, Lio.

Afterwards, the canine family grew with Choko, a small dog from a Bosnian shelter, very reactive to many elements and daily situations. Whether it is the meeting of other dogs, people or bicycles, he made Marc-André and his companion see all the colors.

His formation, his objectives

He trained mainly with "Evolution Canine", in order to better understand the psychology of the dog. From a growing passion was born the mission of wanting to share this information and experience with others, and especially with people who have the same desire to better understand and live in harmony with their dog.

Marc-André never stops training; more than 15 certifications from "Evolution Canine" to his credit. He also took a training course on aggressiveness in dogs with Michael Shikashio and the one organized by the OMVQ. He is also in training with another dog training school, " Trop Chien ".

These continuous trainings allow him to offer more and more knowledge to owners who wish to fix their animal's undesirable behaviors. But his goal is really to encourage his clients to better understand their dogs, their language and thus, to improve the coexistence between them.

As he so aptly puts it, "We are the center of the universe to our dog and I think it's important to treat him with respect, love and understanding." . The goal is to change the world, one step at a time…

There are entrepreneurial adventures that go far beyond a profession. Thanks to incredible support and mutual aid, Marc-André has found a second family with the members of the RQIEC, the Quebec association of dog training professionals.

His beginnings in the animal field

During our youth, many of us have anecdotes about animals. But the one that Marc-André confided to us when asked "Was this business a childhood dream?" is very interesting: "Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by dogs. But the trigger that awakened my interest in dogs was during a family party where my two older brothers locked me out of the house and two Dobermans barked at me. At that moment, I was scared to death, I even broke a patio door to save myself. From this sudden fear was born the desire to understand dog psychology.

In fact, since the launch of his business, his most beautiful moments are always those when each owner realizes how much his dog communicates with him, with his whole body, and how important this language is to them both.

He is happy when clients send him news about all the changes in the dog's behavior, as well as little words of thanks.

Indeed, when we manage to live together while understanding each other, love is only amplified.

His memories

Her first case was her sister's dog, an Aussie Doodle, who made her fall during each walk and reacted explosively to car wheels. After several sessions, his sister went for a walk with her dog and told him that it was his best walk ever. Filled with pride, he cried with emotion.

The qualities

To get into this profession, Marc-André advises having a lot of patience, compassion and good organization. "You have to love dogs and even more humans to see the best for both.

Its values are: respect, communication and understanding.

To summarize his job, he chose the following words: "It's a rewarding job, with lots of twists and turns, and you never stop learning.

Quatre pattes à l'école is a registered and recommended business by Pets Directory!

Author : Tünde de Terwangne